Time is of the essence. We asked our Instagram followers for their best time-saving tips, and MAN did they deliver!
@kvellhome via Instagram
| Credit: @kvellhome via Instagram

"My energy level is always highest in the morning, so that's when I prep dinner. Cooking a nice meal at 5 p.m. isn't always easy. But at 10 a.m.—when my kids are in school—it's a breeze." —Kim McGarry

"Early on Sunday mornings (coffee in hand!), I flip through my Rachael Ray mag and pick a couple of recipes to make for dinner that week. Then I throw the ingredients on my shopping list and pick them up after church. Chop, bag, label with the recipe's page number, and put in the fridge. When I'm ready to cook on a busy weeknight, I just pull a bag from the fridge and flip the mag open to the directions!" —Regina Wagner

"Whenever I'm chopping onions, I make extra and then freeze them. That way, the next time I need chopped onions, they're ready. I also freeze leftover tomato paste. Don't waste!" —Giovanna Conte

"I order pizza before I leave work—that's 30 minutes saved! As a proud mom of three boys, I am on the go every day of the week, and pizza is a crowd-pleaser." —Marla Callanan

"If I'm cooking something in the oven (say, roasting a pork tenderloin), everything else gets roasted, too: roasted potatoes, roasted veggies, etc. If the oven is cranked, use it." —Ashley Lingerfelt

"When something is in the microwave, I use that time to put away clean dishes. Even if I'm microwaving my tea, that 3 1/2 minutes of tidying up can do wonders." —Adelfa Cacatian 

"Get up when your alarm goes off and don't go back to bed. Give yourself an extra half hour in the morning so you can relax as you eat breakfast and drink tea or coffee." —Natasha Shead

"I keep my kids' socks in a drawer above their shoes right by the front door. They're always accessible, and everyone knows where they are." —Rachel Teichman