Time to get seriously cozy, comfy and relaxed

Armed with the desire to improve our sleep quality (which seems even more important these days), our staff took to the sheets to find the coziest, comfiest, and most relaxing bedding and sleep products.  

The Cocoon-Cozy Comforter 

Company Store comforter
Credit: Photo courtesy of The Company Store

"I've been a fan of The Company Store's La Crosse Down Comforter (from $170) for more than 20 years because of their affordability, durability, warmth, and…the colors! White duvets are a dime a dozen, but I need bright oranges, vivid reds, and calming blues to go with my eclectic décor. Though my color choices are eye-opening, the weight, warmth, and comfort of this bed topper provides a sleep-inducing cocoon that ensures a restful night of shut-eye. This ethically sourced down comforter comes in 4 different weights, so you'll be sleeping in the right temperature no matter what season or climate you live in." 

-Tara Cox, Executive Managing Editor  

The PJ's You'll Live In 

cozy comfy pajamas PJs Lake stripes quarantine uniform
Credit: Photo Courtesy of Lake Pajamas

"I don't think words can express how much I love these cutie PJs from Lake Pajamas ($114 for a set). They are, hands down, the best I've ever owned! The pima cotton is SO soft, it's like wearing a cloud of butter...which is an odd descriptor but, well, you get it.  I expected after a couple of washes that they'd stiffen up (as most lesser-quality cotton loungewear usually does) but after getting thrown in the laundry weekly for months, they're just as soft as the first time I wore them.  Plus, they're a finer cotton instead of being bulky, thus making them flattering (even for those of us who have thrown vanity out the window). Lastly, they're just so darn cute. Sign me up for one of each style, please!" 

-Hannah Baker, Home Editor

The Cooling, Wrinkle-Free Sheets

bedding sheets decor bedroom cozy comfy Rachael Ray faves
Credit: Photo Courtesy of Looma Home

"I tried the Looma signature sheets ($174) in Mint and loved the subtle but cheerful color—it felt fresh and really brightened up the rest of my bedding. As someone who tends to overheat when I sleep (as does my partner), I am happy to report that these sheets kept us both cool during the night. They're super soft even after several washes and they don't wrinkle, which is great if you aren't the type to immediately fold laundry." 

-Rebecca Kimmons, Photo Director

The Perfect-For-Side-Sleepers Pillow

pillow cube sleep sleeping product bedding comfort
Credit: Photo Courtesy of Pillow Cube

"My husband loves the Pillow Cube (from $69.99) for sleeping on his side. He's had shoulder problems so the extra support helped him when he needed to change angles at night; plus, it's super soft and great for lounging. We also love how the rectangular shape is great for support when you're reading—no neck strain here!" 

 -Phoebe Flynn Rich, Creative Director

The Stylishly Minimal Duvet Cover

bedding decor bedroom bed linen duvet sleep
Credit: Photo Courtesy of Cultiver

"For no particular reason, I've slept on top of all my bedding my whole life. I don't use my sheets or comforter; I just lie on top of everything, pull a blanket over me, and call it a night. Maybe it's because I'm a hot sleeper, or maybe never using proper bedding has made me feel like proper bedding is too hot. All I know is, my first night testing this linen duvet cover from Cultiver (from $325) was pure luxury. Even though the duvet was so much heavier than the thin blanket I'm used to, the airy linen cover kept my temperature perfect all night. It's somehow super-soft and warm yet also light and breathable. On top of it working impeccably well for the past three months, I'm so impressed by how pretty it makes my room look. It's well-made with 100 percent linen (woven from European flax) and stylishly minimal—perfect for the easy, calm bedtime vibe I'm after." 

-Kelsie Schrader, Assistant Editor 

The Softest Sheets, Ever

cozy sheets bedding room decor Rachael Ray faves bedroom sleep
Credit: Photo Courtesy of Pact

"I am a hospital corners kind of person. My whole life I've liked taut, tight, crisp cotton sheets that feel cool in summer and icy cold in winter (masochistic New Englander here.) I never bought the so-called t-shirt kind because if they aren't starchy they ain't for me. But I tested the Pact Favorite Tee Bedding (starting at $105) because the company has the right ethos (100 percent organic, fair trade, fair wages, etc.). The sheets are awesome: thick,  soft, and strong – they feel substantial. And get this: The fitted sheet is gathered into basically a wide tighty-whitey waistband – this really stretchy elastic – so it's super easy to get it around the mattress. That alone had me sleeping better! But also, the softness of the sheets, honest to God, converted me. I may never climb into a starchy-feeling, paper-crisp bed again." 

-Lauren Iannotti, Editor in Chief / Content Director 

The "Adios, Neck Pain!" Pillow 

pillow cozy sleep products merch
Credit: Photo Courtesy of Layla

"At first this lofty pillow from Layla (from $99), made of memory foam and fibers from the Kapok tree looked a bit intimidating to my problematic neck; but after a few weeks, my drool-inducing sleep and pain-free neck proved otherwise. Both dense and airy, it cradled my noggin' keeping it aligned with my spine as if it were being gently held by angels. The large queen size was perfect for this pillow-snuggling side sleeper; fancy copper fibers in the covering keep it cool and cleaner as well." 

-Tara Cox, Executive Managing Editor 

The Chicest Sheets You'll Ever Own

linen sheets bedding sleep cozy
Credit: Photo Courtesy of Garnet Hill

"As a home editor I've seen, touched, and tested many a linen sheet and these from Garnet Hill (starting at $14) may be my favorite.  Being a sucker for aesthetics, I'm always looking for the perfect undone linen bedding—sheets that say 'I'm effortless and cool but I don't try too hard", in other words, French-girl-cool sheets—and these hit the spot.  They're just the right texture—they're not scratchy or too thin like some lesser linens—and the quality feels and looks like something that could be considered heritage.  After a few months of constant use and washes, I can already tell they'll wear beautifully and get better with time." 

-Hannah Baker, Home Editor

The Pillowcase That's Perfect For Beauty Rest 

silk pillowcase sleep bed bedding
Credit: Photo Courtesy of Silken Pure

"I tried the Silken Pure pillowcase (from $78) to see if it might help my blow outs last a bit longer between washes. The pillowcase is made from pure Mulberry silk and is super soft. I definitely noticed that my sometimes frizzy but also super fine hair was smoother in the mornings without looking greasy. It looks as luxe as it feels and has the added bonus of preventing those annoying sleep wrinkles (perfect for a side sleeper like me)." 

-Rebecca Kimmons, Photo Director

The OG Weighted Blanket

cozy weighted blanket bedding bed rachael ray faves
Credit: Photo Courtesy of Magic Weighted Blanket

"The Magic Weighted Blanket  (from $110) was actually the first on the market in 1998, so they know what they're doing.  Plus, it's American-made and can be washed and dried—which definitely can't be said for every weighted blanket! My son especially loved this. The soft furry texture and heavy weight helped him get the coziest night's sleep! It's like an extended hug." 

-Phoebe Flynn Rich, Creative Director

The Blue Light Filtering Glasses That Actually Work

blue light filtering glasses
Credit: Photo Courtesy of Fitz Frames

"I love my Fitz Frames Blue Light Filtering glasses (from $125), and I loved the process of ordering them and the app interface—it has super-easy to follow instructions and try-on that's totally accurate and fun! They're made BY A 3D PRINTER. And it works so you feel cool and cutting edge but you also get glasses that fit your head, by some algorithmic miracle. But the best part is that they help my overworked, over-mom-ed COVID insomniac brain settle down, and actually be able to sleep—even when I'm staring at screens right before bed.  Also, the round "Certainly" frames are on-trend, adorable, and lightweight and so far seem indestructible (even to my daughter who has broken two pairs of my regular glasses while I just watched because she's so cute and mesmerizing). And what you realize when you get hot pink frames is that YOU NEVER LOSE THEM. I can spot them from 50 yards—even without my prescription glasses on." 

-Lauren Iannotti, Editor in Chief / Content Director