From cats and dogs to hedgehogs and bunnies, get your fill of cute animals with these Instagram pet accounts.

Every now and then, you just need to look at pictures of dressed-up dogs, fluffy bunnies, cuddly cats, and other adorable animals. When those times hit, make these your go-to Instagram accounts.

1. Popeye the Foodie

Before Popeye traipsed around Los Angeles with his owners trying out new restaurants, he was a stray. His owners found him on the street and took him in as their own, and now, Popeye's out there living his best doggone life. He dresses in teeny vests and glasses, sits at human tables, poses with pictures of delicious food, and looks just about as happy as can be.

2. Suki Cat

Suki's Instagram is a real work of beauty. This blue-eyed, striped-and-spotted feline is angelic all by her little Bengal self, but when she poses in front of some of nature's most picturesque scenes, she's sheer purrfection. Pet lovers and wanderlusters alike will be entranced by this adventuring cat.

3. Hedgehog Azuki

This ball of cuteness is majorly famous on the 'Gram, and for good reason. Azuki is the happiest little hedgehog you've ever seen. He takes tons of photos—in boats, in ice cream cones, in itty bitty hats—and in every single one, he looks utterly content with his situation. Scroll through his feed to see pictures of him holding mini Starbucks mugs and loungin' on apples.

4. Marnie the Dog

For Marnie, it's all in the tongue. This slightly lopsided doggo was found on the streets of Connecticut and taken to a shelter at 10 years old. She wasn't there long before a human fell in love with her and brought her to New York. Now, Marnie's got almost 200,000 Instagram fans who just love seeing her head-tilting, tongue-hanging self.

5. Juniper Fox

Juniper is a tame fox who was born in captivity and now lives in a home full of rescued exotic animals. She's the self-proclaimed happiest fox ever, and it's hard to argue with that when you look at her feed. She's always smiling widely, mouth open, eyes squinted, full of cheer. Seeing her snuggle with fellow tame fox Fig and her owners' dogs might make you shed a tear.

6. Grumpy Cat

Grumpy Cat is forever unamused, which is what everyone loves about her (#relatable). She became an internet sensation years ago, but her celebrity is still going strong with 2.4 million Instagram followers. There's something about those big, sad blue eyes that keep you scrolling through her perpetually unhappy portfolio.

7. Wally and Molly

Wally and Molly began as an account for Molly's bunny, Wally. Sadly, Wally died in 2017, but the account is still alive and well, boasting pictures of Otis and Suki, Molly's other fluffy bun-buns. The two hang out together constantly, showing off their extra poofy feet and perky bunny ears. Ten out of ten would follow.

8. Yōji and Viktor

These two whippets might be the artsiest pooches you'll ever lay eyes on. The strikingly white dogs live in Berlin, where they frequently star in photo shoots. Their feed is incredibly well curated, with an abundance of white-filled photos and pops of contrasting black accents. If they didn't have the sweetest little faces and beady eyes, these sophisticated doggos might be a bit intimidating.

9. Lil Bunny Sue Roux

Born with only her hind legs, Lil Bunny Sue Roux gained fame for her refusal to let life on two legs slow her down. The cat-bunny-kangaroo cutie, as her owner calls her, is always running around enjoying life, and her 'Gram captures this (along with plenty of photos of her cuddled up).

10. Pumpkin the Raccoon

Pumpkin might just be the chillest raccoon you'll ever see. She was rescued after falling out of a tree in the Bahamas. Her raccoon family didn't return for her, and the humane society couldn't take her. She now lives with two rescue dogs, Toffee and Oreo, and the three are ridiculously close-knit. They lounge on the couch and watch TV together. They take naps together. They give each other animals hugs and kisses. They're sure to make you want to become a raccoon parent immediately.

Do you have a favorite pet Instagram account or run one of your own? Tell us about it in the comments!