This hotel has also hosted baby elephants, if that's more your speed.
Bulldog at foot of bed Kimpton Hotel
Photo courtesy of Kimpton Hotels
| Credit: Photo courtesy of Kimpton Hotels

A hotel chain that calls itself "pet-friendly" could mean a lot of things, but that's often code for "dogs under 50 pounds with a security deposit." But if you're lucky, you'll get a hotel that really rolls out the red carpet for your pup, like the nationwide Kimpton Hotel Group

Kimpton is not only insanely dog-friendly—think complimentary water bowls, poop bags, pet beds, treats, and toys—it's circus-animal friendly, too! The hotel has even hosted baby elephants and kangaroos, if you can believe it. 

The rule of thumb? According to Nick Gregory, the Senior Vice President of Hotel Operations at Kimpton Hotels: if the animal can fit through the doors, he or she is welcome. There are no restrictions on size, weight, or number of animals. And there is no extra cost for more (or bigger) animals. So maybe leave your long-necked giraffe at home, but your giant tortoise and his whole squad is more than welcome.

Some Kimpton properties have an in-house dog that serves as the "Director of Pet Relations," who gives a warm and wagging welcome to incoming furry friends. The hotel staff "also like to scribble the pet's name on chalkboards in the lobby by our water bowl stations," says Gregory. A nice touch, huh?

Certain hotels have special menus for puppers. The Kimpton Hotel Monaco Seattle offers a tasty selection of Doggie Beef Stew, Frozen Dessert "Pupsicle," and Smoked Beef Marrow Bones. Each for $7 a pop. May be a little steep for a doggie entree, but hey, it's vacation, right?

And if you're going out to dinner but the pups aren't invited? Kimpton can set up a pet sitter or a dog walker for you for an extra charge. Maybe beforehand, you'll want to drop by the "pet psychic" at the evening social hour. Gregory says the psychic comes in "to offer guests and owners insight to the thoughts, feelings, and stresses of pet life."

So what do you think? Are hotels going overboard with this whole pet menu and babysitting thing? Or is the totally adorable Insta-opp of your pet in a hotel tub worth it? Let us know in the comments below!