Our staff put long-wearing lipsticks to the test to find out which products would hold up best. Find out which sticks survived longest and what to look for in a long-wear lip product.

Put to the Test

Long-wearing lip colors are claiming greater longevity than ever. So we took 35 of the latest to the test kitchen, where we cooked, ate and drank our way through an issue's worth of recipes. Here, the six winning sticks and the qualities you should look for.

Best Long Wear Lipsticks

Moisture Madness

Find a color that doesn't dry out your lips. Parching is a common problem with long-wear colors, but the good ones keep moisture levels intact.

Testing Notes: We doubt that any cosmetic chemists use the cannoli test, but it was a staff favorite.

Best Long Wear Lipsticks

Hot Stuff

The color has to be able to withstand heat and humidity. Steaming pots can make a hot mess of makeup, particularly in the form of smears and smudges. We watched for both.

Testing notes: All of our testers noted time of application, then subjected products to the rigors of the kitchen.

Best Long Wear Lipsticks

Made for Meals

A single day in the test kitchen can mean 10 or more tastings. And we subjected lip colors to our own meals, too!

Testing notes: Every time we ate, we checked to see if there was any lipstick fading.

Best Long Wear Lipsticks


Wine tastings are all in a day's work here so color can't rub off on glasses. Coffee guzzling is, too, so we also monitored our mugs.

Testing notes: Whenever we took a sip, we checked our lips and the rims of our glasses.

Best Long Wear Lipsticks

The Napkin Test

Short of an after-work date, there's nothing better than a napkin for determining whether a lipstick will kiss right off. 

Testing notes: Some of us used napkins to see if the color would kiss off; others tested on volunteers.

Best Long Wear Lipsticks

And our winners are...

Find out which sticks were our favorites!

Best Long Wear Lipsticks

L'Oréal Paris

L'ORÉAL PARIS COLOUR CARESSE SHINE STAIN ($10, at drugstores), shown here in Endless Red

"The sheen is usually the first thing to go, but this one stuck around for hours."
  -- Abbie Kozolchyk, Beauty and Travel Editor

Best Long Wear Lipsticks

Bobbi Brown

BOBBI BROWN CREAMY MATTE LIP COLOR ($24, bobbibrown.com), shown here in Crushed Plum

"It stayed put -- and kept my lips moist -- even after lunch and a couple big cups of coffee."
  -- Grace Beehler, Intern

Best Long Wear Lipsticks

Estée Lauder

ESTÉE LAUDER PURE COLOR VIVID SHINE LIPSTICK ($25, esteelauder.com), shown here in Poppy Love 

"Lasted all day! At dinner, I still had vibrant and moisturized red lips."
  -- Sonal Dutt, Executive Lifestyle Editor

Best Long Wear Lipsticks


REVLON COLORSTAY ULTIMATE SUEDE LIPSTICK ($10, at drugstores), shown here in Womenswear

"This survived a bowl of pasta, a glass of wine (no smear!) and a goodnight kiss."
  -- Morgan Gibson, Editorial Assistant

Best Long Wear Lipsticks

Wet N Wild

WET N WILD MEGALAST LIQUID LIP COLOR ($3, at drugstores), shown here in Pink Perfection

"The color lasted for hours, through yogurt, green tea -- and the midday yoga session I ducked out for."
  -- Nina Elder, Senior Food Editor

Best Long Wear Lipsticks

Kat Von D

KAT VON D PAINTED LOVE LIPSTICK ($19, sephora.com), shown here in Backstage Bambi  

"I drank two minutes after applying, and nothing came off on the glass. Several hours and snacks later, no fading!"
  -- Allyson Dickman, Assistant Lifestyle Editor

Best Long Wear Lipsticks

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Best Long Wear Lipsticks