It all comes down to one word: hydration!

Bill Diodato/Getty Images
| Credit: Bill Diodato/Getty Images

When it comes to the best moisturizers on the market, it all comes down to one word: hydration, hydration, hydration!

But how to choose the best boost of H20 to the dermis? That's where Rachael's favorite style and beauty experts come in. We polled more than 20 of these gurus on what they would name as their all-time favorite moisturizer, and came up with a list of 11 picks, which we then divvied up into two price points: affordable (under $30) and luxe (up to $60).

The most popular of the bunch? Well, that exists in that second group, where one moisturizer got voted as the fave three times. (Treat yourself, ladies!) 

But also, there's a top moisturizer for $7? You can't possibly go wrong with that!

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