3 New Grilling Cookbooks We're All Fired Up About

Here are three cookbooks we're crushing on right now.
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Korean BBQ: Master Your Grill in Seven Sauces

By Bill Kim

Korean BBQ book

Sure, your go-to barbecue sauce recipe is great, but Kim makes the case for adding a few more to your repertoire this summer. Whip up his seven flavor-bomb sauces, made up of Korean flavors with a few dashes of other cultures mixed in, and you’re in for some incredibly tasty food. Marinate pork chops in his Korecan Sauce (a nod to his wife’s Puerto Rican heritage) or some salmon in Korean BBQ sauce, add a little gochujang sauce, and you'll have fast and tasty food sizzling on your grill all summer long.

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Food52 Any Night Grilling: 60 Ways to Fire Up Dinner (and More)

By Paula Disbrowe

Food52 Any Night Grilling

The 60 recipes in this book offer simple, creative twists to turn you into the grilling goddess you were always meant to be. Looking for a new steak rub? This book has one you'll use again and again (hint: it’s got pink peppercorns, Szechuan peppercorns, and more). Plus, a whole section on grilling with cheese? Yes, please!

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How to Grill Everything

By Mark Bittman


Just as the title promises, this very thorough book has recipes for pretty much anything you’d want to throw on a grill, plus flavor twists for each recipe. For example, if you don’t like anchovies, Bittman will suggest lemon zest and juice instead. Boom, instant swap! The options are great for both tailoring recipes to your own tastes and being able to use what’s already in your pantry. What's not to love about that?

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