Seven Apps Every Pet Parent Should Download

The handy smartphone applications that every dog parent should know about.
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three large leashed dogs in park

Pet First Aid

american red cross pet first aid app icon

This free app from the American Red Cross gives veterinary advice for pet emergencies like how to treat a wound, tips on creating at-home first aid kits, and the locations of nearby pet-care facilities.

Bring Fido

pet-friendly lodging app icon

Vacationing with your beloved pup is a whole lot easier with this free app, which details 200,000 pet-friendly hotels, restaurants, and attractions across the 50 states and in more than 100 countries.


ikibble app icon

If you’ve ever wondered, Can I feed this to my dog?, this 99-cent app is for you. It lists hundreds of human foods with explanations for why your dog can or can’t consume them. Grapes are a no-no, but berries are A-OK!

APCC Mobile App

animal poison control center app icon

Did you know that some of the products deemed safe for your house might be toxic for your pup? This free app from the ASPCA names 300-plus potentially hazardous substances for dogs, cats, birds, and even horses.


pawscout pet tag app icon

The smarter pet tag ($20) connects to an app on your phone, so you can track your dog’s whereabouts, set up a virtual fence to notify you when he strays from your property, and alert nearby users if your pet ever goes missing.

Bark Happy

barkhappy app icon

Looking for a playdate for your pupper? This free location-based app connects dog owners in your area, lists dog-friendly events nearby, and allows you to schedule both private and public playdates for your dog and his furry friends.


fitbark pet app icon

Think of it as FitBit for your doggo: The platform syncs with a device clipped onto your pet’s collar and monitors their daily activity, quality of sleep, distance traveled, and overall health.