This commercial kitchen and break room went from drab to fab, with the help of bright, functional finds from HomeGoods and a little bit of whimsy.

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Courtesy of HomeGoods
| Credit: Courtesy of HomeGoods

We love a good makeover here, especially if it involves a kitchen and a bunch of bright, happy colors. Well, this one, from HomeGoods and Danielle Beckerman of Jars by Dani checks both of those columns.  

If you aren't familiar with Jars by Dani, you will be soon. Or maybe you've seen her stuff on social media. A couple years ago, Beckerman says she saw some mason jars in a craft store and thought, "What if I put dessert in there?" She got to cake-baking for her friends, and soon enough, the idea was born. After sharing a few shots of her cake jars on Instagram, the business kind of started itself, says Beckerman. She started receiving dessert orders almost immediately, and the rest is kind of history. 

Earlier this year, Beckerman and her team of bakers officially outgrew her first official headquarters in Chelsea, so they moved the Jars by Dani operation to Long Island City, Queens. The new kitchen set up was super spacious and functional, but for a company that prides itself on color and sweets, personality was lacking a bit. Enter HomeGoods, who reached out to Beckerman to help her bring some of that sparkle and fun into the equation, at least decoratively. Check out the before and after below and use these tips for to upgrade your own kitchen space.


Kitchen Before
Credit: Courtesy of HomeGoods


Kitchen After
Credit: Courtesy of HomeGoods

Put your ingredients on display

For the kitchen, Beckerman brought in, you guessed it: jars! "We obviously work with every color of the rainbow in sprinkles, so it was so easy to place them in a variety of clear glass jars I found at HomeGoods – tall, fat, short and large – instead of cardboard boxes," says Beckerman. "It looks pretty, but then we can actually find things quicker and easier, too." Anyone can do this kind of thing in the kitchen. Use simple jars to decant dry ingredients like flour and sugar. Or try something like nuts, dried cranberries, pretzels, and other bites you like to keep handy. This will add a pop of color to your counters and make things accessible as you're cooking or snacking. And they'll probably stay fresher longer, too!

Basics don't have to be basic

Jars by Dani does a ton on social media, so Beckerman wanted a spot for a few props for Instagram photos. The top two shelves above her jar stickers are full of fun items like colored whisks, baskets, cake trays, and bowls. Stashing things in a designated area helps the social team find what they need while others are packing orders. Practical wares like cutting boards, coolers, and bins have all been replaced in happy colors, chief among them aqua. The takeaway here is that storage and other utilitarian objects don't have to be ugly. Buy colorful things that make you happy and can be put on display.

Kitchen Props
Credit: Courtesy of HomeGoods

Take advantage of underutilized space

When the crew first moved in, Beckerman realized there was a pretty large supply closet not being used to its full potential. "We decided to turn it into a break room for the bakers and a little spot for me to take meetings with clients," she says. 

Break Room 1
Credit: Courtesy of HomeGoods

Have fun with art & lighting

The biggest issue is that there isn't a ton of light in the room, so Beckerman gravitated towards the lighting section at HomeGoods. She brought in a gilded floor lamp and found a way to hang string lights vertically to add a bit of brightness (see above). 

Her favorite feature? The two colored canvases she hung over the blue velvet sofa.

Colored Canvas
Credit: Courtesy of HomeGoods

"The canvases are perfect," says Beckerman. "They actually remind me of the jars." We'd have to agree—see below!


Put your wall space to work

When it came to creating a little kitchen area, floor space was at a premium. So Beckerman worked the walls instead. "I got creative and used this wall shelf to double as a coffee cup holder, which is perfect for such a tiny space," says Beckerman. Below, a small console table functions as a coffee meets bar cart, depending on the time of day. Don't be afraid to repurpose furniture and other decorative accessories like entry hook rails in unexpected areas like the kitchen. They aren't just for halls or mudrooms.

Shelf Dani
Credit: Courtesy of HomeGoods

All in all, the makeover was a success, especially the break room. "We spend so much time working here, I wanted something inspiring for everyone to look at," says Beckerman. "And now our bakers have a fun spot for breakfast and lunch, too."