You ask, Rach answers ... about her beauty and fashion picks.



Q: I'm looking for a great foundation. What kind do you wear? -Lisa Branson, North Augusta, SC
 A: For television, we use Face Atelier. In real life, I go for AmorePacific moisturizing foundation and Kevyn Aucoin or Laura Mercier concealer.

Q: Your eye makeup is so pretty. What colors do you wear and what brand do you use? -Karen Gartner, Owasso, OK
 A: I use Benefit, MAC and Giorgio Armani in natural colors. I work with a really lovely makeup artist, Lesli Baker, when I tape 30-Minute Meals and go on magazine photo shoots. Also, makeup is only as good as your skin. I slather on moisturizers, all made by AmorePacific (, 877-552-6673).


Q: Who's your favorite designer? -Leslie Rhodes, Reedley, CA
 A: Brunello Cucinelli is a new fave, Diane von Furstenberg is an old fave, and my favorite pajamas designer is PJ Salvage.

Q: I love to wear high heels, but feel like I have to consider my husband, who's only two inches taller than I am. How can I look cute without worrying I'll tower over him? -Theresa Pond, Saugus, CA
 A: My husband, John, and I are about the same height, and when I wear heels I'm slightly taller than he is. I'm sure your husband is a confident enough man to walk next to you. And I'm sure he likes the look of your legs in those heels!

Q: I love the wide "hippie-chic" belts you wear. Where do you find them? -Judi Cole, Canyon Lake, TX
 A: I get them all over -- DKNY, Lucky Brand Jeans, Beth Frank Industries and Diesel are all faves. Vintage rules!

Q: What brand of jeans do you wear? -Lori Perez, Salina, KS
 A: I wear several brands, and they all have stretch! I like J.Crew Bootcut because they come precut with shorter inseams. I just started wearing DKNY jeans, and 7 For All Mankind jeans fit me pretty well, too.

Q: Where do you shop for your clothes? -Susan Slocumb, Macon, GA
 A: I love DKNY because Donna Karan is a self-made wonder and because she cuts her clothes to fit real bodies. Plus, her stuff is top quality and affordable. I also shop for new designers in small eclectic boutiques. My latest favorite in New York is Addict (, 212-633-2672).

Q: Do you decide in advance what you're going to wear or do you just put on whatever feels great that day? How do you plan your wardrobe? -Lois Rajcan, Glenmoore, PA
 A: When I find something that fits and feels good, I buy it in every color!


Q: What shampoo do you use? Your hair always looks terrific! -Kimberly Belcher, Owensboro, KY
 A: I swear by John Frieda Brilliant Brunette.

Q: How do you keep your hands and nails looking so great? I cook a lot, and my nails break, my polish chips and my skin dries out! -Elenea Fuchs, Princeton, NJ
 A: Thanks, but maybe you need better reception on your TV! My nails are always broken, and I have a rash underneath my wedding ring from all the exposure to hot and cold temperatures.

Q: You have a great complexion and tan—what products are you faithful to? -Beth Coleman, Pascoag, RI
 A: I use AmorePacific lotions and potions on my face and Jergens Natural Glow on my body.

Q: Since you're a "creams and potions" girl, have you counted how many products you use each morning? (I use 36!) -Donna Maggio, Rockwall, TX
 A: I would be very late to work if I used 36! I use six, I think.

Q: Is there one cheapie beauty product you rely on? -Andrea Dipasquale, Jacksonville, NC
 A: My mom taught me at a young age to make sure your skin is part of your budget. I splurge on good potions and lotions!

Q: What's your favorite perfume? -Tammy Eady, Pell City, AL A: Maybe Baby, by Benefit. It just smells clean. But most perfumes make me sneeze, so there are few that I can actually tolerate. I gotta tell ya, most of the time I just smell like soap and whatever deodorant I bought that week.


Q: You have beautiful hair! Do you prefer it short or long? -Christina Tipton, Fulton, OH
 A: Both! Every once in a while, I just like to change it up.


Q: What brand is your black wristwatch? I love it! -Cassie Allen, Grant Park, IL
 A: It's Chanel; it was a gift from a very close friend.

Q: Does your snake necklace have any significance? -Debbie Taylor, Belmont, WV
 A: No. It's ironic, though -- I'm actually scared of real snakes!

Q: What's the story behind the gold ring you wear on your right ring finger? -Kyle Ostlie, Seattle
 A: It's my mom's high school ring. She gave it to me years ago. I try never to take it off.

Q: How can I find the cameo necklace you're wearing in "B, L, D" (November/December 2005)? I've got the cooking stuff down, but the fashion end of things—I need all the help I can get! -Martine Soma, Salt Lake City
 A: I bought the necklace in Austin, Texas. The name of the store is Blackmail (1202 S. Congress,, 512-326-7670). They carry lots of jewelry by independent designers. This piece is made by Extasia.

Q: You're always wearing the coolest earrings and necklaces. How do you organize them? -Jeanine Avery, Tarzana, CA
 A: I keep them in velvetlined flat trays.