Get healthy, silky-smooth skin with this full body exfoliant. It uses natural ingredients like coconut oil and hibiscus flowers to scrub off all the dead cells, leaving your skin soft and radiant.


You probably exfoliate your face, but why not your whole body? Face masks are all the rage these days, but we tend to forget about taking care of the rest of our skin. That's where body scrubs come into play. And one of our faves is the SheaMoisture Coconut & Hibiscus Hand & Body Scrub, on Amazon for only $10. Ten dollars! 

sheamoisture hand and body scrub
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

This scrub uses a slew of natural ingredients that work together to exfoliate, hydrate, and nourish skin. This scrub is particularly great because gets rid of dead skin cells without drying out your skin and stripping it of its natural oils, like other exfoliants can. Coconut oil combats dryness and restores lost oils, while Songyi mushrooms work to balance out skin tone and hibiscus flowers calm irritated skin. The ticket ingredient, though, is Shea butter because that is the magic stuff that makes your skin silky smooth and soft. Also, all these yummy ingredients smell so good, you're going to wish it was a candle you could smell all day long.

It's super easy to apply, and makes for a relaxing shower. Just turn on the shower and dampen your whole body, and then turn it off and rub the scrub in circular motions all over. Keep it on for as long as you want, and then turn back on the shower, wash it off, and see your beautiful, radiant skin!

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