These vacuums suck up everything, from precious pan drippings to gooey batter, with virtually no mess.

1) Tovolo Dripless Bulb Baster
(For the heavy-duty-tool lover)
UPSIDE Angled nylon tip precisely directs juices into hard-to-reach areas; stainless-steel tube won't crack or discolor; heavy-duty silicone bulb; removable screw-on tip for easy washing; includes extra tip.
DOWNSIDE Expensive; tube gets hot; opaque bulb and tube make it difficult to measure and clean.

2) Orka Squeeze Bulb and Basting Brush
(For the cook with a small kitchen)
UPSIDE Inexpensive; small and compact; no dripping; easy-to-press quick suction; bonus silicone brush attachment.
DOWNSIDE Small-capacity tube; short length makes reaching inside the oven difficult; doesn't work as well without the brush attachment.

3) Food Network Baster
(For the clean freak)
UPSIDE Flattened silicone bulb allows tool to sit upright for spill-free basting; includes cleaning brush.
DOWNSIDE Small-capacity tube fills slowly; difficult-to-read measurement markings.

4) Norpro Glass Baster
(For the once-a-year roaster)
UPSIDE Inexpensive; made of heat-resistant tempered glass; heavy-duty rubber bulb; large, easy-to-read measurement markings.
DOWNSIDE Bulb must be squeezed hard to fill completely; no collar to help keep bulb in place and prevent dripping; tube gets hot; can shatter if dropped.

5) Progressive Drip-Less Baster Set
(For the multitasking family)
UPSIDE Wavy collar keeps tip elevated to avoid drips; includes silicone basting brush attachment and cleaning brush; good suction.
DOWNSIDE Opaque bulb is tough to clean.


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*Prices and other details were accurate when we published this article in November 2009.