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When it comes to preparing quick, delicious and healthy meals for your little ones as they start the school year, we know it may be a challenge. That's why we've teamed up with FamilyFun, family food-bloggers and more of the most trusted food sites out there to host a Twitter and Pinterest chat to answer all of your back-to-school questions. Have a picky eater? Short on time for a morning breakfast? Need some new lunchbox inspiration? We're here to help. Join us on Twitter today from 2-3 pm EDT using the hashtag #BackToSchoolFood for all of your questions, and check out our Pinterest board for recipes and tips. Then, join in on the Facebook Q&A session with FamilyFun's Food Editor from 3-4 pm EDT. We're looking forward to giving (and getting!) the best back-to-school advice out there!

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