Throw the mother of all baby showers complete with great food, easy decorations and plenty of belly laughs.




tips + how-tos

Baby-Shower food


Book Smart

Make a mock library checkout slip for the mom-to-be's "great expectation." Type or write the event details on an index card and stamp the baby's due date at the bottom.

In the Air

Before entering the party, ask each guest to pop a balloon to reveal a hidden gift inside: a small wine charm that she'll tie to her cocktail glass.

Roll Play

Skip the traditional rings: Attach large diaper pins to folded cloth napkins instead. Or use ribbon to tie on other baby props like pacifiers, rattles or teething rings.

That's a Wrap

It's all in the presentation! Attach small stems of baby's breath to a wrapped package or cover baby bottles in burp cloths and tie with ribbons.

About Face

Ask each quest to bring a photo of herself as a baby. Hang the snapshots on the wall, and have everyone guess who the infants grew up to be.


Instead of wine charms, tie silver baby charms ($2.60 and up, to glass stems with ribbon.

Full Bloom

Place long-stemmed flowers (we used pink and cream nanunculus) in glass baby bottles and cluster them on side and coffee tables.

In Favor

Send each shower guest home with a small baby food jar filled with seeds. Include a note asking everyone to plant their flowers when the baby is born.