Our favorite Renaissance woman—and host, executive producer, and judge of the new show, Family Food Fight—shares her best kitchen tips and tricks.
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ayesha curry in kitchen cutting vegetables
Photography by Ari Michelson
| Credit: Photography by Ari Michelson

Mogul, mother, designer, wife—Ayesha Curry wears a lot of hats. When she's not dreaming up new products for her cookware and bedding lines, she's developing recipes for her five restaurants, her next cookbook, and her Homemade meal kits featuring dishes she makes for her daughters, Riley, six, and Ryan, three; 10-month-old son, Canon; and husband (and two-time NBA MVP with the Golden State Warriors), Stephen. Safe to say this mom boss is busy, but she put her schedule on hold to answer questions on everything from feeding her family and running an ever-expanding lifestyle business to her latest project, Family Food Fight, a new series on the ABC network.

Q: Tell us about your lifestyle brand, Homemade. 

I launched it with a simple mission: to help create solutions for busy people. I know how hectic things can get, but people should not have to compromise when it comes to living their best lives. I'm a mom of three and have learned a lot through my own life experiences and through the incredible community of women I've been lucky to surround myself with. Homemade is about sharing those lessons and giving people the tools that can make their lives easier.

Q: What’s your biggest challenge to getting dinner on the table?

My husband and I do not have traditional jobs, so each day looks different. A standard dinnertime works for many, but for us, it's about being flexible. That might mean feeding the kids at the kitchen island while I'm busy at the stove or getting takeout on the craziest nights so the time we have is spent together.

Q: Do you have advice for families with picky eaters?

Pasta is your best friend. I puree roasted butternut squash in my sauce for a healthier mac and cheese. I'll also mix in broccoli or zucchini with bow-tie pasta and a simple marinara, cover it with mozzarella and Parmesan, and pop that under the broiler to give it a cheesy crust. It's a one-dish meal the whole family will love. 

ayesha and steph curry's family in kitchen
Riley (on Ayesha’s right), Stephen, baby Canon, and Ryan get ready to dig in.
| Credit: Photography by Ari Michelson

Q: How have you gotten your kids involved in cooking?

From an early age, I've had my girls in the kitchen, giving them tasks throughout the cooking process, whether it's cracking eggs, mixing, or picking herbs. They're much more inclined to try a dish they had a hand in making, and this helps them build some kitchen confidence for when they're old enough to cook themselves.

Q: What’s one thing that’s always in your shopping cart?

My kids love fruit, so we always buy a ton. I cut everything up and put it in containers in the fridge so the kids can help themselves.

Q: What’s your go-to meal when entertaining outdoors?

I'm all about marinating a big batch of jerk chicken and throwing that right on the grill. I pair it with rice and something fresh like a citrusy slaw packed with bright herbs.

Q: Can you give us the scoop on your new ABC show, Family Food Fight?

It's a competition series where eight families from across the country compete for the title of America's number one food family and a prize of $100,000. The show is a true celebration of diversity, showcasing people of all different cultural backgrounds united in their love of food and family. The challenges are fun—I wish my family could compete as contestants! We'd have a blast.

ayesha curry on family food fight show
Ayesha is both the host and an executive producer of Family Food Fight. She also serves as a judge alongside chefs Graham Elliot and Cat Cora (above with Ayesha). The show debuts on June 20 at 9 p.m. EST on ABC.
| Credit: Photo courtesy ABC/John Fleenor

"Cook from your heart—food you know and love," says Ayesha. "Some of the best dishes made on our show were the ones passed down from parents and grandparents."

One-Stop Shop

Ayesha makes everything you need to get dinner on the table quickly, from the cookware to the food.

Dinner on Demand

local crate homemade pasta meal kit
Credit: Photo courtesy Homemade

"My Homemade meal kits feature my favorite recipes and are filled with stuff I'd feed my own family—local, fresh ingredients," says Ayesha. You can find her kits in stores this year.

Pot Luck

ayesha curry red covered dutch oven
Credit: Photo courtesy Ayesha Curry Kitchenware

With its cute heart-shaped knob and a rich red exterior, Ayesha's dutch oven goes from stovetop or oven to table in style.

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Stir it Up

ayesha curry parawood spurtle utensil
Credit: Photo courtesy Homemade

Every cook needs this 12 1/2-inch spurtle. It's Ayesha's long-handled take on the spurtle (a cross between a spoon and a spatula) that's great for soups, stews, and sauces.

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Contain Yourself

ayesha curry blue kitchen canister set
Credit: Photo courtesy Ayesha Curry Kitchenware

Add a pop of color to your counters with Ayesha's diamond-patterned canister set.

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