Meet Macie, an 11-year-old griffon nivern.

another dog saved macie

Macie’s New Fam

Silas and Elka Gibbs, and her sons, Kelton (above) and Bryson, who adopted Macie from PETSinc in West Columbia, SC (

A Change of Heart

The couple had originally wanted an Irish wolfhound mix but switched gears after meeting Macie. When they saw she was losing her fur from stress, "We knew we could help make her life comfortable," Elka says.

Two of a Kind

Elka was more than happy to adopt an older gal. "She has arthritis, but so do I, so when we hike, we go at our own pace," she says.

Let’s Chat

Occasionally Macie will break out into what sounds like a "lengthy conversation" through small whines, big growls and every kind of bark in between. "I think she's telling us all about her day!"