Dr. Anne Chapas, Rach's board-certified, New York City-based dermatologist, shares her skin care secrets.
Dr. Anne Chapas
Eos Shave Cream

Q: Ingrown hairs in my bikini area are driving me bonkers. What am I doing wrong?
 A: Your problem may be those fancy razors you use on other areas. "For your bikini, shave with a single-blade razor, not a five-blade," Dr. Anne says. Additional blades mean each hair gets sliced off closely, so regrowth comes in sharper than it would with a single blade -- and the hairs are more likely to burrow inward. You can also reduce bumps and ingrowns by shaving in the direction of hair growth and always using a moisturizing shaving cream to soften stubble. (Pictured: EOS Shave Cream)


Q: I'm dedicated about applying sunscreen in the morning but can't remember what order to apply it in -- before or after moisturizer and makeup?
 A: It depends on your sunscreen. Physical sunscreens, which use zinc and titanium dioxide to block rays, can go under or over moisturizer and makeup. If you're using chemical sunscreens -- those made with avobenzone, which has to be absorbed into the skin -- they should go on before moisturizer and makeup. "If you aren't sure which kind you have, apply it as the first layer," she says.

Q: Apparently I didn't apply enough sunscreen, because now I'm peeling. How can I stop it?
 A: Rule of thumb: More moisture means faster healing. And while you can't undo the damage of a burn or stop the peeling, you can keep your skin as hydrated and protected as possible while it heals. So grab a petroleum- based balm (Dr. Anne likes Aquaphor) and don't be stingy: "Apply it twice a day until the peeling has passed."

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