Anika Noni Rose

The Tony winner and Dreamgirl tells Rach what's in her icebox.
Anika Noni Rose

Rachael Ray: Now that you're a Dreamgirl, do you splurge on any dreamy foods? Champagne or caviar?

Anika Noni Rose: I think I'm eating out more. I also love Whole Foods, and that's sort of a splurge every week.

RR: What's with the eggnog in there? It's not Christmas.

ANR: I bought it at Christmas and it was so good that I bought three more and popped them in the freezer.

RR: So you can have Christmas in July.

ANR: I freeze Girl Scout Thin Mints to have in there year-round, too.

RR: I was actually kicked out of the Girl Scouts, but I recently earned a merit badge from them on my show! I see you also have a canister of whipped cream in the freezer. Can you do that? Doesn't it explode?

ANR: It hasn't. I put it in there because after we finished press for Dreamgirls, I left for Australia to film a miniseries, The Starter Wife.

RR: I'm dying to see that. I'm a big fan of your costar Debra Messing. Was it a fun set?

ANR: It was fun. And I was going back and forth between Australia and L.A. so much that I have a ton of frequent-flyer miles. I could fly to Saturn if I wanted to.

RR: I love the nail polish in the refrigerator. Does that give it longer shelf life?

ANR: Yes. It keeps a thin consistency for a longer time.

RR: Great tip. I have no nails because I cook, and I'm always envious of people with nice nails. So, what's your all-time favorite meal?

ANR: Escargot.

RR: No kidding.

ANR: My parents love to tell this story -- it may sound pretentious now, but when I was 2 or 3, we went to a kid's birthday party at Ponderosa and I asked for escargot, which, of course, they didn't have. Every Sunday, we'd go for a drive and try a new restaurant, so I was exposed to a lot of different foods.

RR: That's fantastic. Your parents did a great job. Mine would do the same thing. So, if you could have anybody over for supper, who would it be and what would you serve? I'd invite Bono.

ANR: Bono, that's a good one. Let's see, I make a mean cheesecake, and I'd probably have over one of my favorite authors -- Charles Dickens or Tananarive Due. Or Gandhi. He might just want water, but we could put a lemon in it.

Pop Quiz

1. Anika won a Tony Award for her role in:

A. Caroline, or Change

B. Chicago

C. Spamalot

2. If Anika could invite anyone to dinner, who would it be?

A. Ed McMahon

B. Charles Dickens

C. Diana Ross

3. Anika has movies in the works with:

A. Danny DeVito

B. Danny Bonaduce

C. Danny Glover

Answers: 1.A 2.B 3.A and C