Top 10 Home Items To Buy On Prime Day

Your guide to the best furniture and home decor deals this Amazon Prime Day.
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Amazon Prime Day is overwhelming. Deals are everywhere! How do you choose which are worth your money? You don't! We chose for you. Here are our top ten picks for your home. Looking for kitchen gadgets? Check out our the 10 Best Kitchen Deals to Buy on Amazon Prime Day

modway chair

This transparent chair can act as a statement piece even though it doesn't have a bright color or pattern. Its modern style sticks out on its own. $60 (originally $77), Amazon


The earthy colors and modern design make for a chic rug in any contemporary home. $35 (originally $41), Amazon


This Rivet Modern Metallic Pillow is a launching for the first time ON Prime Day! Be one of the first to get this chic, cozy pillow in gold, rose gold, or silver for $40.

smart light switches

The Noon smart switches are sleek and hardly noticeable, but have amazing functionality. You can hook up all your lights and turn them on or off on the mini touch screen, an app on your phone, or through Alexa. $240 (originally $530), Amazon

cowhide rug

A faux cowhide rug can really go anywhere you need an extra oomph in your house. It can be a foot rug next to your bed, a decorative rug in your living room, a runner in your mudroom. $120 (originally $220), Amazon

rustic light

Light up your life with this rustic yet modern light fixture from Stone & Beam. This one can give a sophisticated touch to your kitchen or living room. $64 (originally $80), Amazon

kenmore washing machine

Do your laundry from your car, the grocery store, or the pick-up line at school. This washing machine has smart technology that allows you to start it whenever, wherever, and gives you updates when it's finished so you don't miss a beat. $900 (originally $1,500), Amazon

geo throw

This throw has neutral colors so it can go virtually anywhere, but the pattern and tassels make it stand out in a room at the same time. $52 (originally $80), Amazon


This diffuser is great for the whole family. It moistens the air as a humidifier (great for dry air-conditioned air or winter months), relaxes through the essential oils, and acts as an air freshener. They're even stylish! $15 (originally $20), Amazon


This sofa is originally $700, but on Prime Day, it's getting a full $200 knock-down. Steal this quality, comfy couch for just $500.