The 10 Best Kitchen Deals to Buy on Amazon Prime Day

Amazon Prime Day is here! Revamp your kitchen appliances when they cost the least.
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Kitchen appliances can be expensive, so we understand the hesitation when it comes to buying a new grill, or even a new blender. But on Amazon Prime Day, you don't have to be reluctant because you're basically guaranteed the best deals you're going to get. We've put together the ten items you should add to your cart this Prime Day.

Majestic yellow KitchenAid

The moment you've all been waiting for. The iconic KitchenAid mixers on sale! Specific colors are as low as $210 (such as majestic yellow, above). If you're stumped on which color to choose, read here to let your zodiac choose for you. $210 (originally $260), Amazon

cusininart food processor

Chop chop, this deal won't last forever! This easy-to-use food processor is so useful. You can grind nuts, chop herbs and lettuces, and even grind hard cheese. It's also over 50% off! You won't see that every day. $34 (originally $75), Amazon

green:blue cuisinart pot

This light blue cast-iron casserole is as durable as it is pretty. $75 (originally $180), Amazon


Ah, the highly coveted Vitamix finally gets a mark-down. This is no regular blender, trust us on that one! You can make nut butters, baby food, soups, smoothies, you name it—this powerhouse can do it all. $300 (originally $550), Amazon

kenmore silver fridge

Okay, we know, a fridge is a BIG purchase. But, hey, this sleek, stainless steel appliance will last for years and is hundreds of dollars off. Catch it while you can! $1,300 (originally $1700), Amazon

waffle maker

Sunday mornings just got a whole lot better. This waffle maker is stacked so you can make two full-sized waffles at once. No more fighting about who gets the first one! $80 (originally $185), Amazon

air fryer

Say goodbye to the oily, greasy deep fryer, and hello to the air fryer. This appliance uses air to crisp your food, and gives it the same taste as a deep fryer, without nearly as much fat. $50 (originally $100), Amazon

crock pot

The versatile cooker can make just about anything, just about any way you like. It also allows you to cook slowly or quickly, depending on your time frame. $70 (originally $80), Amazon

sous vide

This prevision cooker is crazy useful. You attach it to a pot, add water, and you're in business. You can even turn it on and off from an app on your phone, given you have wifi. $130 (originally $200), Amazon

ice cream maker

Make your ice cream just the way you like it with this Cuisinart frozen yogurt and ice cream maker. You'll be surprised how much better ice cream tastes fresh and homemade. $60 (originally $80), Amazon