Al Roker

The Today show cohost tells us how he wooed his wife -- by stocking her fridge.
Al Roker

Rachael Ray: You have the best-looking refrigerator we've ever featured. It's an absolute stunner -- I love the glass door.

Al Roker: I love my refrigerator.

RR: I also must say, kudos on all the food prep -- everything's sliced and in baggies. Do you do that? I know your wife, Deborah [Roberts], doesn't love to cook.

AR: That's putting it kindly. Yeah, I'm the cook. We try to eat at home four or five days a week.

RR: That's got to be hard but so worth it for the kids.

AR: Tuesday nights are sushi nights, so we go out then. The new thing is ishiyaki, where they bring out razor-thin chicken breast and a hot rock -- like a Japanese grill -- and cook on that.

RR: So fun. What does the family do when you're out of town?

AR: When I was in Italy for the Olympics, I ordered groceries for them from FreshDirect on the Internet. I love technology.

RR: What a great dad! Do you remember the first meal you ever made for Deborah?

AR: Baby lamb chops with a hoisin glaze, with haricots verts and roasted fingerling potatoes.

RR: Fabulous. And then it was a done deal?

AR: It's actually a funny story. She was away covering the Olympics. We were just friends, and I was trying to break that friend barrier. She asked me to check in on her apartment, and you know, most guys would have gone through the underwear drawer, but I snooped in the fridge. There was a bottle of champagne, a jar of Grey Poupon and some cheese. So then I opened the oven and I thought, This is weird -- who wraps their oven racks with cardboard?

RR: It was untouched?

AR: She had never used the oven. So a day before she got back, I stocked her fridge and left flowers on the table with a note. Then we went out on a date. It all worked out.

RR: Awesome. Fun party question: Who would you invite over for dinner, someone you haven't had over already?

AR: I would have Jerry and Jessica Seinfeld -- and Oprah. I've been at parties with her, but I'd love to just sit down with her.

RR: She's such an icon, so I think people think of her as very serious, but she is just plain fun!

AR: Oh, and Deborah wanted me to tell you that whenever we're cooking, our daughter Leila says, "You know, Mom, Rachael says we have to have our garbage pail nearby."

RR: Good girl! You need the garbage bowl on the counter!

AR: Yep, that's my girl.


1. One of Al's favorite hobbies is:

A. Spelunking

B. Cartooning

C. Windsurfing

2. If Al could invite anyone over for dinner, who would it be?

A. Conan O'Brien

B. Jerry and Jessica Seinfeld

C. Oprah Winfrey

3. Where did Al grow up?

A. Ohio

B. Illinois

C. New York

Answers: 1. B 2. B and C 3. B