These cheesy snacks are far too addictive.

This Week's Food Fave: Dang Foods Aged Cheddar Sticky-Rice Chips

Aged-cheddar-rendering-front (1)
Credit: Courtesy of Dang Foods

Thanks to their perfect crunch and cheesy coating, the two bags of these new chips disappeared the very same day we opened them. They're made from crisped rice and cheese powder, and—interestingly—a hint of watermelon juice, which acts as a natural binder. Whether or not you count a puff made out of sticky rice as a chip is up to you, but for the record, they're cheesy, crunchy, addictive, and a bit messy—basically all the qualities a good chip should have.

Here's what our staffers had to say:

"They're cheesy—but not too cheesy. They're the perfect amount of salty, and also have a slight twinge of sweetness. I would say they are in between chips and rice cakes consistency wise. They're sort of like mini rice cakes, but have a more satisfying, crunchy texture." —Hope Tierney, lifestyle intern

"'Sticky rice chips' sound a little suspect, but since they were made by the Dang company (who also make delicious coconut chips that I've eaten wayyyy too many of) I decided to give 'em a try. Light and crunchy and tossed in a delicious white cheddar powder, these might be my new go-to chip. Dang, they've done it again!" —Nina Elder, executive food editor 

Other Flavors: Original, Sriracha Spice, Coconut Crunch, and Savory Seaweed

Price: Buy on Amazon, starting at $14.99 for four bags.

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