Getting off their sunny windowsills, these frisky felines are shedding the stay-at-home housecat stereotype and boldly going where no kitty has gone before.

Cats On Leashes 

Dog owners aren't the only ones who get to enjoy a sunny stroll with their fur babies. Thanks to a new trend cat people are taking part in #leashlife as well. By the looks of Instagram, more and more feline friends are getting harness trained so they too can enjoy an al fresco catwalk.

Adventure Cats 

Sit in a sunny window all day? Nah, these kitties have fully embraced the #adventurecat lifestyle; getting back to their wild roots and showing up in the sea, on boats and in the mountains. 

Cats In Backpacks 

Who are you calling a housecat? These adventurous kitties are hitting the great outdoors sitting pretty in a cool backpack.