When Hurricane Sandy crashed into Evette Ríos' parents' home, everything was destroyed. For the next few days, her family channeled all of their energy into saving their old photos. Here are her best tricks to rescue and restore photos, in case yours ever fall victim to water.


- Photos separate best when wet, so before they dry, pull them apart slowly and carefully.

- Don't let them dry faster than you can separate them: Put them into freezer bags, with some air space so the bag doesn't make contact with the pictures, and freeze them. Defrost once you're ready to continue separating.

- For the shots you can't get to before they dry, dampening and warming them with a blow-dryer on medium is a decent emergency measure.

- To prevent future picture panic, invest in a photo and negative scanner (we found a $150 one online). Four thousand images later, we have a digital photo vault. And now we know exactly how much that means.

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