9 Kitchen Tools for $10 or Less

Stock your kitchen cabinets with these tried-and-true kitchen tools and gadgets -- kitchen shears, cutting boards, ice cream scoops and more -- all $10 or less!
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kitchen shears

We like Furitechnics Racheal Ray/ Gusto-Grip Basics, $10, cooking.com/rachaelray

Upside Inexpensive; comes apart for easy cleaning; comfy antimicrobial handles

Downside Not dishwasher-safe; reassembling blades can be awkward.

Use them to make Pan-Roasted Butterflied Chicken with Fresh Herbs


We like OXO Good Grips Wooden Lemon Reamer, $5, oxo.com

Upside Inexpensive; small and lightweight; good for any size citrus; easy to clean; manually operated.

Downside Doesn't strain seeds or pulp; tiring for large jobs.

Use it to make Grapefruit Mousse

turkey basters

We like Orka Squeeze Bulb and Basting Brush, $9, amazon.com

Upside Inexpensive; small and compact; no dripping; easy-to-press quick suction; bonus silicone brush attachment.

Downside Small-capacity tube; short length makes reaching inside the oven difficult; doesn't work as well without the brush attachment.

Use it to make Honey-and-Sesame Seed Funnel Cakes


We like Zyliss Quick Blend Whisk, $8, cutleryandmore.com

Updside Non-touching tines prevent clumping inside whisk; works well on chunky batters.

Downside Tines are too rigid for scraping down sides of a pan.

Use it to make Scotch Pudding


We like Chef'n Zipflip Flexible Medium Turner, $9, chefsresource.com

Upside Nylon head won't scratch nonstick surfaces; curved end can scrape sides of pan; lightweight; soft, nonslip silicone handle.

Downside Edge frays over time.

Use it to make Cheesy Potato Corncakes


We like OXO Good Grips Plastic Colander, $9, oxo.com

Upside Inexpensive; soft, nonslip handles; dishwasher-safe.

Downside Small size only holds 1 pound of pasta.

Use it to make One-Pot Ginger Chicken, Bok Choy and Couscous

cutting boards

We like Chefmate 14-by-17-inch Poly Cutting Board, $10, target.com

Upside Inexpensive; lightweight; dishwasher safe.

Downside Hard surface is less knife friendly than wood. Board slips easily on counter.

Use it to make Chop-Chop with Spicy French Dressing

ice cream scoops

We like Wilton Ice Cream Scoop, $7, bedbathandbeyond.com

Upside Pointed ends for easy scooping; rubber pads on handle for no-slip grip.

Downside Handwashable only.

Use it to make Watermelon Sorbet

meat thermometer

We like Polder 12454 In-Oven Meat Thermometer, $9, polder.com

Upside Thermometer remains in meat during cooking; easy to use; great for checking temperatures of large items like turkey.

Downside Leaves large holes in smaller meats.

Use it to make Beef Wellington

*Prices and other details were accurate when we published these articles.