If you haven't had time to plan your Thanksgiving dinner yet, drop the catering menu. We've got 5 easy and delicious recipes that can be on your table in just two hours, thanks to the help of the turkey breast and the microwave. Don't believe us? Here's a real-life testimony that proves it's never too late for a home-cooked turkey dinner.


Start off by roasting a Cherry Chipotle Turkey Breast instead of a whole bird, to cut your cooking time in half. (Bonus: it cooks more evenly than a whole bird, which ensures juicy results!)

Then, pick up some premade cornbread from the market's bakery section for Cornbread & Chorizo Stuffing.

A Quick Cauliflower Puree cooks up fast -- and beautifully! -- in the microwave. Whiz it in the food processor, sprinkle with breadcrumbs and serve.

Swap in a simple Caesar Salad with Pepitas in place of a second cooked vegetable. This dish adds color and crunch to the plate and comes together in a snap.

Finally, Chocolate Cream Puffs use frozen puff pastry shells. All you have to do is stick 'em in the oven!

Download the entire speedy Thanksgiving menu here.

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