There's a whole new crop of vegetables at the supermarket--invite these five to your Thanksgiving dinner.

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Belgian Leeks

Welcome this European heirloom, which contains mostly the tender white parts so there's less waste and work involved.

Rooster Potatoes

Ireland's top-selling spud has come to America. It's perfect for mashing--with the fluffiness of a russet and the buttery taste of a Yukon Gold.

Kale Sprouts

(often sold as Kalettes) A hybrid of Brussels sprouts and red Russian kale, these leafy little heads have a tender texture and nutty flavor.

Baby Brussels Sprouts

These wee sprouts are bred to ripen when marble-size. No need to trim tough leaves or halve them before cooking.

Kapia Peppers

With the shape of an Italian frying pepper, this new-to-market european variety has the bright-red color of a bell pepper and an even sweeter taste.

By Molly Watson

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