3 New Ways to Use Your Produce to Clean

A quick peek in the kitchen shows three unexpected ways to clean using everyday produce like onions, bananas and more.
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in season potatoes

Clean the Grill

Place half an onion (cut side down) on a fork. When the grill is off but still hot, scrub the grates firmly with the onion. It'll get rid of grime -- and leave a little flavor for your next round of burgers.

Replace a Broken Lightbulb

If a bulb shatters in the socket, unplug the lamp and remove any large glass pieces. Then carefully and firmly press the cut end of a raw potato half into the shards and twist.

Shine Your Shoes

Use the inside of a banana peel (they're full of natural oils) to spruce up silverware and leather. Rub the peel all over, wait a minute, then buff the surface with a soft cloth.


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