3 Easy Lip Looks

It's a split-second decision -- gloss, stain or lipstick? -- that can change your style completely. Rach's buddy Gretta Monahan helps us choose wisely.
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liplook subtle

Perfect for a dinner date, this boost of color will survive eating, sipping and kissing.

It should be a shade brighter than your natural lip color (darker ones will make your lips appear thinner). Stains are designed to be absorbed into the skin so the color intensifies once you apply.

1. Apply to lips using a makeup brush or cotton swab. Start at the center of your mouth and move outward, using a lighter hand at the corners and following the lip line. 2. Let the stain dry for 10 to 15 seconds, then apply a clear gloss with shimmer.

liplook natural

Getting a nearly bare look doesn't mean forgoing makeup -- just enhancing your own lip tone.

For fair complexions, look for a pink or peach shade; for medium ones, a pinkish-brown or -beige; and for dark skin, mauve or brown. Try the color on without other makeup -- if it enhances your bare face, it's right for you.

1. Trace, then fill in the lips with a liner that's the same shade as your natural color. 2. Swipe on a tinted gloss or balm straight from the tube.

liplook dramatic

The trick to a flattering look: Skip the reds and experiment with berry shades.

These formulas are velvety and youthful without being runny like some glosses or balms. Test a few shades, but follow these general guidelines: strawberry hues for fair skin, raspberry or reddish-brown for medium complexions, and burgundy wine or deep cherry for dark skin.

1. Dust powder around the border of your mouth, then outline and fill in lips with a pencil that matches your bare lip tone. 2. Make a half-smile to smooth any lines, then apply lipstick. Start in the center of the lower lip and move outward. Repeat on top, then blot.


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