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Editor-In-Chief Lauren Iannotti Predicts 2022 Food Trends On Rachael's Show
Rachael Ray In Season Editor-In-Chief and Content Director Lauren Iannotti chats with Rach on our favorite food trends you're bound to see popping up everywhere this year.
Meet the Female Chocolatier Behind Disset Chocolate
For chocolate connoisseurs across the eastern seaboard, Ursula XVII is a name to know.
"Pasta Mike" Explores Food, Loss & Male Friendship
In his latest novella, an author pays homage to his compatriot in culinary adventure.
Setting The (Home) Bar
We’ve mapped out everything you need to build a fully functional cart/cabinet/what have you, so you can try your hand at a few tried-and-true cocktails. Start here and expand little by little. Remember: It’s a bar crawl, not a sprint.
What's Your Dog Really Thinking?
The average pooch has the intelligence of a toddler and can understand 165 sounds and signals. So what’s going on in their heads? Veterinarian Dr. Courtney Campbell shares some thoughts.
Our 12 Favorite Stocking Stuffers
12 fresh finds (mostly) under $25 to stuff those stockings to the brim, or to gift someone special this season. 

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Gifts For Pets & Their People
Knock it out of the park for the pet parents in your life. Or, snag some goodies for your own fur baby!
6 Gift Ideas for the Host or Hostess That Will Earn You "Best Guest"
Tis the season to don your sparkly best and join friends and family in celebrating the holidays! From gatherings to galas, the next few weeks promise plenty of festive get-togethers. To keep you from showing up with a last-minute bottle of wine, we've put together six stellar hostess (or host!) gift ideas they're sure to remember. Heck, we think these are so good you might just want to repurpose them for your nearest and dearest on Christmas morning! 
These Are the 9 Best Advent Calendars To Buy Now

Let the countdown to the holidays begin! While you low-key panic about that list of presents you still have to buy (gulp), you may as well indulge in some daily treats thanks to a good ol' fashioned advent calendar.  But these aren't the advent calendars of your youth.  They're filled to the brim with gourmet goodies, tasty treats and special surprises to sweeten up the countdown (and take the edge off that inevitable holiday stress!).  So go ahead—treat yourself!