The herby dressing's name has a theatrical history.

By Janet Taylor McCracken
May 18, 2018
green goddess salad dressing
Photography by Offset
| Credit: Photography by Offset

The term "Green Goddess" has become a catchall for emerald-hued salad dressings. But there was an original! 

The story goes that in 1923 the actor George Arliss stayed at San Francisco's Palace Hotel while he was performing in a play called The Green Goddess. The hotel's chef created the recipe in Arliss's honor, and a salad star was born. 

The classic recipe (still on the Palace's menu) relies on lots of chopped fresh herbs, plus garlic, mayo, vinegar, and anchovies—yes, anchovies—giving it a full-bodied flavor that makes it great for salads and other stuff. Try it as a dip or a sandwich spread. Or riff around with the herb combo (basil and tarragon work nicely) and make a green goddess you can call your own.

Now try out these recipes! 

Green Goddess Chicken & Kale Salad   

green goddess chicken and kale salad
Credit: Photography by Andrew Purcell

Green Goddess Tilapia on Orzo 

green goddess talapia on orzo

Green Goddess Eggs   

Green Goddess Eggs

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