Step away from the single-use gadgets. These multitaskers will help you speed through all kinds of kitchen tasks.

kitchen utensils
Photography by Johnny Miller
| Credit: Photography by Johnny Miller


Slice a pizza or a quesadilla. Slice scallions or chives. Break down chicken. Cut whole tomatoes right in the can. Trim fat from meat. Cut up dried fruit. 

Cookie Scoop

Transfer any kind of batter (muffin, cupcake, etc.). Portion meatballs.

Bench Scraper

Cut any dough. Clean off counters. Transfer chopped vegetables from a cutting board to a skillet.

The Rachael Ray Bench Scraper ($9) has sides for corralling chopped veggies. Genius!

Fish Spatula

Flip pancakes. Remove poached eggs from water. Or, yes, turn fish over.

Metal Measuring Spoons

Core halved pears. Make melon balls.