Instead of doing full-on meal prep, just freeze your leftover ingredients—like that half of an onion on the cutting board or the lonely lemon that needs to be used now. Ice cube trays are great for stuff you use in small quantities; muffin tins are great for things that you want a little more of; gallon-size freezer bags are perfect for storing sides and sweets.

Frozen Cubes
Photography by Johnny Miller
| Credit: Photography by Johnny Miller

In Ice Cube Trays

finely chopped garlic 

pestos and other oil-based sauces (like chimichurri) 

citrus juices

leftover egg whites 

leftover wine

In Muffin Tins


chopped onions 

cooked leafy greens 

leftover chopped vegetables 

marinara sauce 


In Gallon-Size Resealable Plastic Bags

cooked rice 

raw greens for smoothies 

any fruit (freeze on a baking sheet first) 

leftover baked goods