Weeknight Shortcut: Find Your Formula

Can't decide what to cook? These quick ideas will help you leverage what you have on hand so you can stop thinking—and start eating.
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Recipes by Lauren Schaefer

Bacon & Greens Pasta

bacon greens pasta

Start With Pasta

bacon greens pasta ingredient formula

Cooked pasta
A few slices of bacon, cooked and chopped
Kale, Swiss chard, or other greens, thinly sliced
A couple of garlic cloves, grated

Berry Easy Dessert

berry easy dessert in white bowl

Start With Yogurt

berry easy dessert ingredients formula

Plain yogurt
Berries or other fresh fruit
Your favorite cookies, crumbled

Broiled Veggie Flatbread

broiled veggie flatbread on plate

Start With Puff Pastry

broiled veggie flatbread ingredients formula

A square of puff pastry, baked
+ Mushrooms or your favorite vegetables, sautéed
Gruyère or other melty cheese, grated
+ Fresh thyme or other herbs