Got surplus cider lying around? Here's what to do with it.

jug of apple cider
u003cemu003eUnfiltered apple cider is more perishable than apple juice. Look for cider that has been pasteurized or treated with UV light, and handle it as you would milk.u003c/emu003e
| Credit: Photography by Christopher Testani

Boost Your Breakfast

Instead of cooking  your oatmeal in  water or milk, use cider. The flavor will  concentrate as the oats  cook. For the ultimate  fall breakfast, top  the oatmeal with thinly  sliced apples tossed  in cinnamon sugar.

Get Saucy

Making pork chops  or chicken? Cook the meat,  transfer it to a plate,  then add a glug of cider  to the hot pan. Stir, scraping up all those  delicious browned bits  on the bottom of the skillet.  Simmer until thickened,  then spoon the  simple sauce over the meat.

Glaze for Days

Give your sweets a little  seasonal flair with a cider  glaze: Simmer a cup  of cider until it reduces by  half, then whisk in about  1/2 cup confectioners'  sugar, adding more  if needed to thicken.  Drizzle on cakesbread pudding, or plain  cake doughnuts.

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