Money can't buy love, obviously. But it can buy food, which is just as good. We rounded up the sweet, the pink, and the heart-shaped to find you the best Valentine's food of the season. (No chalky conversation hearts included!)

Simply Chocolate Chocolate Pretzel Heart with XOXO Mallet

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ALDI Benton Hearts Cherry or Strawberry

Chocolate and candy are always the go-to on Valentine's Day, but cookies are just as fun—especially when they're packed with a cherry or strawberry filling and coated in a milk chocolate shell. $1.99 for bag of 12 cookies. Available Jan. 29 at ALDI.


See's Candies Sweet Indulgence Heart

If you want to show your significant other (or yourself, or anyone, really) how dearly you love them, go for this 54-piece heart-shaped box of caramels, truffles, brittles, soft centers, and more. Whether you eat the entire thing yourself or share with a special someone, it's got everything you need. $66.90 for 2 lb. Available at


Pillsbury Funfetti Valentine's Cake Mix

If you're in a relationship or simply celebrating with the gals, baking is a genius way to pass the time. This boxed mix will give you cupcakes dotted with heart-shaped sprinkles. Combine it with the matching baby pink Pillsbury frosting for an easy, delicious holiday activity. $1.30-$2.30 for 15.25 oz. Available at select grocery stores nationwide.


Ghirardelli White Chocolate Crème Brûlée Squares

Maybe you're not ambitious enough to prepare a full-fledged crème brûlée, but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy the romantic French treat. These indulgent white chocolate squares have tons of crunchy, caramelized sugar bits throughout—no torch required. $4.79 for 4.8 oz. Available exclusively at Target.


Jeni's Better Box of Chocolates

There's chocolate—and then there's chocolate. This specially created ice cream pack is just like a box of chocolates, but so. much. better. With five of Jeni's popular flavors—Milkiest Chocolate, Texas Sheet Cake, Dark Chocolate Truffle, Blackout Chocolate Cake, and Darkest Chocolate—there's something for everyone. Or yourself, five times over. $58 per set. Available Feb. 2 at


ALDI Reggano Valentine's Day Pasta

Our girl Rach said it best: "When you really want to show some love, keep the flowers and say it with spaghetti." This bag of pink and yellow heart-shaped noodles takes that idea literally. (And if you didn't catch that—pink pasta! Seriously, how could you turn this down?)  $1.99 for 1 lb. Available Jan. 29 at ALDI.


Baked by Melissa Love & Cupcakes 25-Pack

The iconic mini cupcakes are getting a V-Day makeover with heart sprinkles, pink frosting, and plenty of chocolate. Flavors include white chocolate cookies and cream, red velvet, dulce de leche, and more. $37 per pack. Available Jan. 21-Feb. 19 at

Simply Chocolate Chocolate Pretzel Heart with XOXO Mallet

Simply Chocolate Chocolate Pretzel Heart with XOXO Mallet

If you're really not in the mood for love this year but you are in the mood for chocolate, might we suggest this candy-packed heart that you can smash into pieces with a mallet? Getting your frustrations out and eating tiny pieces of Oreos, M&Ms, pretzels, chocolate chips, sugar cones, and more—a broken heart never tasted so good! $69.99 per heart. Available at


See's Candies Sour Hearts

We get it—love isn't always sweet (see previous slide). These candies bring a tart flavor to the table while still managing to stay on-theme with lemon, cherry, and berry varieties. $7.45 for 8 oz. Available at


Dove Dark Chocolate & Almond

What better way to celebrate the person that drives you absolutely nuts (in a good way!) than cocoa-coated almonds? These ones are wrapped in fun and flirty messages that'll make the moment even sweeter. $3.99 for 7.94 oz. Available exclusively at Target.


ALDI Emporium Selection Valentine's Day Cheese Assortment

Chocolate's great. But cheese? That's the good stuff. Keep the sweet spirit with this adorable Wensleydale cheese with raspberries and white chocolate. If theat flavor doesn't strike your fancy, there's also a gin and rhubarb option. $3.99 per box. Available Jan. 29 at ALDI.


Magnum Mini Ruby Ice Cream Bars

There's white chocolate, dark chocolate, milk chocolate—and now, pink chocolate. Yep, ruby cacao beans exist, and our editors are big fans. Aside from being a gorgeous lilac-rose shade, this type of chocolate lends a sweet, berry flavor to these ice cream bars. $4.99 for a box of six. Available at select stores nationwide.


Harry & David Donut Bouquet

You could say 'I love you' with flowers, but why would you when you can say it with a donut bouquet? These mini cake donuts are covered with white, milk, or dark chocolate, plus a hearty helping of sprinkles and icing drizzle. They may not last as long as flowers, but they certainly pair better with your morning coffee. $49.99 for 10 donuts. Available at


Dove Chocolate Truffle Gift Tubes

If you're short on time and need a no-fail gift, this is it. Conveniently packaged and stuffed with classic chocolate truffles, it's a delicious way to show someone you love them. $5.99 per tube. Available at select stores nationwide.


My/Mo Ripe Strawberry Mochi Ice Cream

Sometimes, Valentine's Day means eating the sweetest, pinkest food you can find. This year, that means strawberry ice cream wrapped in a pink chewy rice blanket. $5.99 for box of six. Available at select stores nationwide.


Lindor Strawberry Dark Chocolate Truffles

Strawberries and cream is a classic Lindt's Valentine's Day truffle flavor, but this new flavor is bound to be an instant favorite. Just like a chocolate-covered strawberry, the truffle is made from a rich dark chocolate shell that makes way for a smooth, creamy, strawberry center. It'll bring you to another dimension, we swear. $4.79 for 6 oz. Available exclusively at Target.


ALDI Specially Selected Chocolate Truffle Hearts

There's nothing like a good ol' box of heart-shaped truffles, and this one is ideal if you're sticking to a tight budget but still want to make a splash. It's packed with decadent and unique flavors, like raspberry mascarpone, strawberry rhubarb, tiramisu, and bourbon vanilla, but it won't break the bank. $3.49 for box of 12 truffles. Available Jan. 29 at ALDI.