You can find lemons, limes, and oranges at the grocery store year-round, but peak citrus season (right now) is the perfect time to explore lesser-known fruits. Check out our juicy tips.


bunch of tangelos
Credit: Photography by Plamen Petcov

You'll recognize this tangerine-meets-grapefruit hybrid by its outie, which (bonus!) makes it easy to peel. Also known as honeybells or Minneolas, tangelos yield loads of juice for marinades. Or you can use the zest to flavor baked goods.


three kumquats
Credit: Photography courtesy of Getty Images

About the size of an olive and just as snackable, kumquats have a sweet rind and a sour center. You can snack on them whole (though you might want to spit out the seeds), chop them up for chutney, or candy them.

Buddha's Hand

buddhas hand
Credit: Photography courtesy of Getty Images

This crazy-looking fruit resembles a bunch of fingers (hence the name). It's almost entirely rind and pith, which makes it great for anything that needs a lot of zest, like risottos or cocktails.

Finger Lime

two finger limes
Credit: Photography courtesy of Getty Images

This Australian citrus has grown into a full-blown food fad. It's shaped like a tiny cucumber, but inside are little juice-filled pearls. Serve them on oysters, if you're feeling fancy, or add to a salad dressing.

Meyer Lemon

two meyer lemons
Credit: Photography courtesy of Getty Images

The love child of a lemon and a mandarin orange, this baby is sweeter than your standard lemon and super juicy. Use it in lemonade (you won't have to add as much sugar) or lemon curd.

Cara Cara Orange

cara cara orange
Credit: Photography courtesy of Getty Images

It looks like a navel orange on the outside, but the inside is seedless…and pink! It's also really sweet and really juicy, but with low acidity. Pair with a spinach-and-feta salad.