Fig season is almost here (again!). Here's what to know about the five main types of this flowering plant.

ripe fresh figs with pistachios
Photography by Peden & Munk/Trunk Archive
| Credit: Photography by Peden & Munk/Trunk Archive

You may have seen beautiful baskets of fresh figs at the market this summer, then feared you  missed them. But don't worry—they'll be back! Fresh figs have two seasons: a short one in early  summer followed by a longer one that stretches from late summer until October or November.  Most of the fresh figs you'll find in the supermarket come from California, which grows five main  types for shipping across the country. They're pretty much interchangeable in recipes,  but each one has its charms. Check out the list below to get to know these little sweeties.


This is probably the fig you're  most familiar with. Its dark purple  skin and pinkish-peach flesh  make a striking combo. It has  a rich, earthy flavor and is great  stuffed with cheese and wrapped  in pretty much any pork  product (bacon, prosciutto, etc.). 

Brown Turkey

Slightly milder-tasting than  Mission figs, this variety has light  purple skin with a hint of green  around the stem. Slice into rounds  and use as a topping for a white  pizza (just EVOO and cheese). 


Pair this mild fig, which has light  green skin and deep pink flesh, with  something light, like ricotta toast. 


These yellowish-green fruits have  a creamy texture. Chop them  up and toss with some EVOO and  a dash of balsamic for a salsa that's  great with chips or for topping fish. 


The dark green stripes make this  fig stand out from the pack.  Show them off by quartering them and adding to a cheese board.

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