They're delicious and expensive, but to avoid eating them hard or mushy, follow these tips.

sliced avocados creating a pattern
Photo courtesy Rob White/Getty Images
| Credit: Photo courtesy Rob White/Getty Images

Need it now? 

To see if an avocado is guac-ready, do a thumb test; if it yields to a slight push, consider that a green light. You can also check the stem nib at the tapered tip of the avocado; if it pops off easily, the avocado is ripe. 

Got a few days? 

Like bananas, avocados are picked before they're ripe. If you buy them while they're still hard, they'll ripen on the counter in three to six days. If you want to speed up the process, stick them in a small brown paper bag. It will trap the ethylene gas that avocados release, which will ripen them in half the time. 

Make ’em last. 

Here's the game changer: Transfer a ripe avocado to the fridge and it'll stay fresh for up to seven days. You'll never lose an avocado again—which would be the pits!