This Oyster Knife Is Worth the Splurge

Up your shucking game with this easy-to-use oyster knife.
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You can get a decent oyster knife for around ten bucks, but when you’re shucking by the dozen, a better tool can make popping open those bivalves faster, easier, and more comfortable

That’s why we think it’s worth splurging on this beauty by Massachusetts based R. Murphy Narragansett Shucker ($37). With a thin, strong blade and a smooth rosewood handle that snuggles comfortably in the palm, this heirloom-grade knife is easy on the hands and on the eyes. 

It makes a great gift for the oyster lover in your life, even if that’s you!

Buy it now: R. Murphy Narragansett Shucker

shucking oyster and dinner party guest

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