4 Alcohol-Free Spirits for Sober-Friendly NYE Parties

These new spiritless spirits are shaking up the mocktail world.
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various bottles of alcohol-free spirits on white table

Monday Gin ($40)

Unlike most alcohol-free gins, Monday is, well, actually gin-like. Distilled in Southern California, it’s robustly juniper-y, with a pleasant kick on the finish. Drink it simply with tonic water.

Ghia ($33)

This is perhaps the sexiest bottle to hit the nonalcoholic market. It’s decidedly bitter, so enjoy it on the rocks if you want something bracing, or use it in a spritz with soda water and an orange slice if you prefer a friendlier aperitif.

Gnista ($25 each)

These Swedish spirits—Floral Wormwood, which is fresh and bitter, and the warm and smoky Barreled Oak—are finally available in the States. Drink them on the rocks or mixed with soda water (one part Gnista, three parts soda).

Woodnose Sacré ($35)

Made by a husband-and-husband duo on a maple syrup farm in Vermont, this tangy, earthy spirit contains fair-trade coffee and fermented syrup aged in bourbon barrels. Shaken with ice, it’s decadently foamy.

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