Should You Buy Whole Garlic Cloves or Pre-Minced Garlic?

Both will give you garlic breath (not necessarily a bad thing, to our minds), but one came out a-head.
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It's a supermarket showdown! When you're looking at a recipe that calls for minced garlic, should you go to your fridge or your counter? We put the two options head to head to find a winner!


Option #1: Head of Garlic

The papery skin may be a pain to peel off, but it’s also Mother Nature’s preservative, keeping your garlic fresher longer. To avoid garlicky fingers, rub them with some fresh lemon juice to help dispel the smell.     

Prep: 1 to 3 minutes (1 minute with a garlic press, 3 by hand); Price: 5¢ per clove

minced garlic

Option #2: Minced Garlic

Jarred garlic is cheaper, but you get what you pay for. Processed garlic may be heat pasteurized for safety, and the flavor often falls flat compared to fresh cloves. Plus, imported garlic could be whitened with chemicals like bleach. Ick!     

Prep: 0 minutes; Price: 3¢ per clove

And the winner is...Whole Garlic!