Both types are delicious, but one of these cheeses is truly grate!


It's a supermarket showdown! When you're looking at a recipe that calls for shredded mozzarella, should you buy a baggie or roll up your sleeves and GIY (grate it yourself)? We put the two options head to head to find a winner!

Option 1: Block Mozzarella

For a rich flavor and that ooey gooeyness you're looking for, grate your own mozzarella. The DIY version melts smoother than the bagged stuff and has a creamier texture. It's also cheaper and lasts longer. 

Prep: 3 minutes, Price: 38¢ per oz.

Option 2: Shredded Mozzarella

If you've ever eaten a handful of cheese out of the bag, you get the appeal of this option. But it costs more and spoils more quickly than a block, and the taste and meltability can be affected by additives. For us, the choice is easy... and it ain't pre-shredded. 

Prep: 0 minutes, Price: 41¢ per oz.

battle of the mozzarellas
Credit: Photography by Yunhee Kim

And the winner is... Block Mozzarella!

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