And the winner is...

garlic bulbs on surface
Photography by Magdalena Niemczyk/Offset
| Credit: Photography by Magdalena Niemczyk/Offset

We love garlic, but we hate garlic fingers. We put 10 popular cleaning methods to the test (baking soda, salt, toothpaste, vinegar, coffee grounds, and more) to find what really works.

First Place: Stainless Steel

In our tests, this was the winner. Rub your fingers on your faucet or sink, then run them under cold water to rinse. Out-there, but effective!

Second Place: Tomato Juice

Pour some on your hands, massage for 10 seconds, then rinse with cold water to neutralize the garlic smell. Another weird one that works.

Third Place: Mouthwash

Pour some mouthwash on your hands, rub together for 10 seconds, then rinse with cold water. (Yes, your hands will smell minty-fresh.)

Runner-Up: Lemon

Use the cut side of a lemon to wipe away the garlic smell. But skip this method if you have any cuts or scrapes on your hands. Ouch!