5 Reasons You Need a Bench Scraper

The trusty bench scraper is your kitchen wingman when you're making dough.

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bench scraper hand dough

1. Cutting

For slicing bar cookies in the pan, a bench scraper can get into spots that a regular knife can’t, and it’s sharp enough to get the job done without scratching your bakeware.

2. Kneading

It’s the best tool for keeping sticky dough off your hands. Scoop the dough off the work surface, then fold the dough onto itself. Repeat as kneaded.

3. Cleaning 

Is there dried-out dough or other stubborn stuff on your work surface? Sprinkle it with a little water and scrape before you sponge clean—way easier.

4. Scooping

Save your knife’s edge and use a bench scraper to shovel food into a skillet or pan in one fell swoop!

5. Measuring

Many bench knives have a ruler along the bottom, so you can make sure you’re patting that biscuit dough to just the right thickness.


The sturdy sides of Rach’s bench scraper keep food from toppling over the sides. So smart!

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