Here’s what you can do about it.

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If you find yourself having difficultly seeing things up close, like restaurant menus, words on a page, or texts on your phone, you may have a condition called presbyopia. Don't worry—the name sounds way scarier than it is. Presbyopia is just an eye condition that makes it difficult to see up close. It's caused by the natural eye-aging process and tends to strike around age 40. It could be the reason you're always fumbling for readers or straining your eyes to see what's right in front of you clearly. 

Problem is new research has shown that that uncorrected presbyopia can cause a lack of productivity to the tune of nearly $25 billion. It's a real chicken and egg situation though, because if you're unfamiliar with the condition and its name, it's hard to know that you have it—or that it could be affecting your ability to get stuff done at your job or even in your personal life. Well, April is presbyopia awareness month, so we're encouraging you to stop and take notice of your vision before the month is through. 

If you think this could be you—struggling to read a report at work or unable to see your computer screen—don't worry or freak out. Talk to an eye doctor first. Dr. Susan Resnick, a New York-based optometrist and diplomate of the American Board of Optometry, says presbyopia is totally normal and treatable. "Patients often end up in my office, panicked, because they've experienced sudden vision changes or are frustrated with their newfound dependence on reading glasses after age 40," says Resnick. "While they don't often know the name of what's happening, they are relieved to learn they're not alone and about other available options to correct their presbyopia." Readers are one option, of course. But if you're always misplacing your glasses, contact lenses could be another. Alconoffers special daily contact lenses with a unique design that allows for you to see near, far and in between. 

Point is—you don't have to go at vision loss alone, let it interrupt your day, or be super dependent on readers for the rest of your life if you don't want to be. Eye health is part of your total wellness equation, so make sure you're cognizant of what's going on with your peepers and showing them so much needed love.