You Should Really Be Storing Your Plastic Wrap in the Freezer

This cling-wrap hack means you'll never wrestle with a roll again.
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Trying to pull out a sheet of plastic wrap can feel like auditioning for a Charlie Chaplin movie: You have to find the end of the roll, keep the tube from flying out of the box, and get the sheet to stick to whatever you’re wrapping, instead of to itself or your hand. 

But it doesn’t have to be this way. Really, it doesn't! Steal this trick we use all the time in the test kitchen and you'll be rocking and rolling in no time.

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To help the tube stay put, follow these steps:

1. Punch in the perforated squares on both ends of the box. Some people don't even realize these squares are there! They’ll help hold the tube in place.

2. Pop the box in the freezer for about 15 minutes before using. If you're making dinner and plan to have leftovers you need to wrap up, just pop it in the freezer right when you're about to serve. Or, better yet, keep it in your freezer all the time if you have the room. And if you use plastic wrap often, it's probably worth making the room!

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So why does this tip work so well? The chilling helps fight static, making it easier to grab the sheet you need and pull it out with ease. No more wrestling with the roll!

Do you use your freezer to store other out-of-the-ordinary things? Let us know in the comments below!

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