Here's what to do with that peck you picked!

pickled peppers
u003cemu003eL to R: Pepperoncini, Pickled Jalapeños, Peppadews, and Hot Cherry Peppersu003c/emu003e
| Credit: Photography by Peter Ardito


These nearly neon-green peppers are what you've likely seen on top of a Greek salad. They're super tangy and mildly spicy—great for perking up pizza or sandwiches.

Pickled Jalapeños

Raw jalapeños can have a bite, but they often mellow out when pickled. Sprinkle on nachos, stir into cornbread batter, or use the pickling liquid for a spicy take on a dirty martini. (Don't forget the pickled-jalapeño garnish!)


We love these slightly piquant red peppers sliced and layered on grilled cheese sandwiches; skewered with steak, then grilled; or added to a cheese plate. Although they're available hot, we're partial to the mild variety because of its addictive balance of sweet and heat.

Hot Cherry Peppers

These red and green gems have a pleasant, subtle burn. Add to anything from pasta to Philly cheesesteaks. Or trim the ends, remove the seeds, and stuff 'em with fresh mozz and cured meat for an instant antipasto.