The Japanese fruit is in season right now! Here's how to enjoy it.

Photography by Getty Images
| Credit: Photography by Getty Images

I've been a persimmon fan for years. I used to see the mildly sweet Japanese fruit only at the farmers' market, but it's been showing up in the grocery store's produce section over the past couple of years. You might find more than one variety at your store, but my favorite is the Fuyu persimmon. It's shaped like a tomato with pumpkin-colored skin and has firm flesh with subtle cinnamon notes. A Fuyu persimmon is ripe when it yields just slightly to light pressure. You can eat it like an apple, but I prefer to cut the fruit into wedges and toss it in a salad, chop it up for an oatmeal topper, or slice it thinly and make what I call a BLP—a bacon, lettuce, and persimmon sandwich. The salty, smoky, sweet combo is delicious and helps soften the blow that tomato season's over.

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