How to Take Your Pantry to the Next Level in 2019!

These are eight ingredients we're stocking up on this year.
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Pickapeppa Sauce

bottled jamaican pickapeppa sauce

A sweet-savory Jamaican sauce that tastes very similar to Worcestershire sauce.

Buckwheat Groats

buckwheat kernels against white background

Crushed hulled buckwheat kernels go by this funny name. Use them as you would rice. Roasted groats are called kasha.


bottled cynar italian liqueur

This bitter dark-brown Italian liqueur is made from a blend of artichokes and 13 herbs. It’s great served on the rocks as an after-dinner drink.

Kashmiri Chile

kashmiri chile powder against white background

A mild chile often seen in Indian cooking, it’s used for flavor and color. (Think tandoori chicken.)


jaggery unrefined sugar against white background

This unrefined sugar has a minerally molasses-like sweetness. It’s sold in solid shapes (pictured above) or powdered.


canned harissa hot sauce

Found in cans, jars, and tubes, this Tunisian hot sauce is a great addition to soups, stews, and cooked grains.


white bowl containing kimchi

A tangy, funky fermented mix of cabbage and other veggies. Add to grain bowls or stir-fries.


silver spoonful of gochugaru powder

These Korean red chile flakes have a mild, earthy flavor. Sprinkle on pizza or roasted veggies.